Marital/Pre-marital/Family Counseling

At the core of Father’s Heartbeat International is the desire to help families become all that God intended them to be. One of the ways we work to accomplish this is through counseling services.

Nathanael is a certified Prepare and Enrich marital and pre-marital counselor with several years experience working hands on with couples to help them make the most of their marriage. Prepare and Enrich uses an assessment to determine strengths and potential growth points in any relationship and provides a simple, peaceful way to bring resolution to any areas of conflict. This is an extremely valuable resource for struggling marriages, an excellent preparation for engaged couples, and a perfect way for healthy couples to grow even closer together.

During counseling sessions, Nathanael will use both assessment results and powerful relationship tools to help your marriage take significant steps toward what you always dreamed it could be, but perhaps never thought was possible.

Using teachings and wisdom from pastors with over 50 years of fruitful ministry experience, Nathanael also counsels children, youth, and families.

Never one to teach or counsel others without practicing the same in his own life, Nathanael uses these tools on a daily basis in his own family, where he and his wife have been married for five years and have four children (and a very busy household!).