Nathanael White is an anointed speaker and teacher, helping people apply the Word of God to their lives for freedom and wholeness in Christ. His heart is for everyone to live in the freedom of their God-given identity and in the power of the Holy Spirit. Nathanael’s wisdom and heart make him perfect for all your speaking engagements, including conferences, retreats, schools, and churches.

You can choose a topic of your own, or choose from some of Nathanael’s core messages:

The Father Heart of God: This message tears down walls that have kept man distant from God and reveals a Father’s heart that is driven by love to remove everything that keeps us from Him.

From Glory to Glory: This message will set people free from the striving that comes with living by the Old Covenant into the freedom of the Spirit that comes in the New Covenant, activating them to see God for themselves and enter a new life of victory and purpose.

The Spirit of Adoption: This message out of Luke 15 imparts the Spirit of Adoption, bringing the prodigals home and setting the slave-hearted children free into the revelation that “the whole farm is theirs.”

The Key to Coming of Age: Everyone knows that they are supposed to honor, but most don’t understand what that means or why it’s important. This message clearly explains these things and reveals the power of honor in every area of life.

Keys to Your Calling: Two mindsets currently prevail in much of the church that paralyze those who have them from fulfilling their callings. This message releases the keys that unlock people from these mindsets and opens the door to the character and confidence to become all that God created them to be.

Love Your Flesh: When Adam first saw Eve he said, “This at last is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh.” When Jesus returns, He is coming for a bride of whom He can say the same thing. This message walks through Ephesians 5 to set people free from brokenness and sin, releasing them to become the Bride that unmistakably belongs to Christ.

Uncondemned Hearts: Countless people suffer from the weight of shame, but God desires for us to walk in freedom. This message removes the power of shame by exposing the lies behind it, delivering the power and wisdom to stay free and live a victorious life.

Your Glorious Identity: The insecurity in the world around us seeks to capture us and make us forfeit who God made us to be. This message provides an life-transforming vision of how God sees us, revealing the glory hidden inside each person and the importance with which each one of us was born.

Nathanael also teaches 4-12 week classes around many of these topics, perfect for retreats, home groups, schools, and ministries.

To request Nathanael for your next speaking engagement, please use the contact page or email info@fathersheartbeat.org.